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1. How do I get Asset Allies to make me an offer?

Submit your contact information for a 5 minute consultation. Tell us about your scenario and determine if we’re a good fit for you

2. Are there any fees or costs associated with selling my house?

No. You pay no closing costs, fees, and since we’re not real estate agents you pay zero commissions.

3. I need to sell my house fast. How long might it take to close?

-A typical transaction (clean title) can range from 14 – 21 days. If the property has liens & encumbrances (cloudy title), closing can range from 30 – 60 days.

4. What if my House needs Repairs?

-Don’t worry about them. We prefer you leave the house AS-IS. Our plan is to make strategic improvements to the house so you can save your money, time, and headaches.

5. I'm behind in my loan. Do I need to make another payment?

Deciding to skip mortgage payments will harm your credit. We don’t advise anyone to ever stop making payments. If you are behind on your loan, we will pay bring your loan current and out of delinquency

6. If you buy my house before the bank forecloses, can I save my credit?

Yes. Although you may be in pre-foreclosure, you still have legal rights to save or sell your home regardless of where you’re at in the foreclosure process. Unlike others who may help you avoid the foreclosure… you will not foreclose AND your credit will be rebuilt by us for future home ownership.

7. Can you buy my house if I have a bad tenant in there now?

Yes. Eviction is expensive and a pain. Bad tenants have never scared us away from performing on a purchase agreement.

8. Can you buy my house if it's vacant?

Yes. Although we will buy occupied houses, we also prefer houses to be vacant.

9. My house is presently listed for sale with a real estate agent. Can you still buy my house?

-Yes and no. While the property is contracted we cannot buy the house. However, we can assist with terminating your agreement with your agent without any penalties to you.

10. I owe more than my house is worth. Can you help me?

-Yes. 99% investors usually pass on a house like yours and RE agents advise you Short Sale. We will buy it for what you owe, give you cash on top, and have the house sold without any damage or approval from the bank.

11. How does the buying process work?

Our process is super simple. Schedule your free 5 minute consultation, choose an offer, schedule a time to close.

12. If I request a consultation, am I obligated to do anything?

No. Chat with our team, go over your options, and you decide whether or not you’d like to continue.

13. I’ve been told I need to bring money to the closing table to sell. Is this true?

Yes and no. This depends on your scenario. Working with investors or a real estate agent, this is probable. Choosing to work with us, you will never bring a penny to the closing table.. Regardless of your situation.

14. Will you pay market value for my house?

Yes. You will walk away with more than you would with any other buyer. Using our programs allows us to pay asking price, sometimes outperforming investors with above asking price.

15. What kind of houses do you work with?

-Residential homes; single family, condo, and multi-family (2-4 units).

16. Are you listing my house on the MLS?

-No. We are not real estate agents. Our agreement is to purchase the property, not list.

17. Do you pay fair prices for properties?

-More important than paying a fair price is our options. Receive multiple offers and choose which fits you best

18. How are you different from a real estate agent?

-Real estate agents get a license after 60 hours of education, to list your house for everyone to see publicly. Anyone can take pictures and create a written description, in hopes to snag buyers in the market.

19. How are you different from other investors?

There are “house flippers” and “landlords”. Both have a set criteria and requirements for purchasing an investment like your property.

20. What if I agree to sell my house to you but need time and money to move or have a personal emergency that requires immediate cash?

Great question! If you need additional time to relocate or need immediate cash now, then it can be accommodated and written into our purchase agreement.

21. Can I sell my house if mortgaged and still continue to live in it?

Yes. Mortgage or owned outright, you can still remain in the home. We will become responsible for taxes, insurance, maintenance, and existing mortgage payments. Become a renter and leave the headaches for us.

22. What if I have liens and judgments which I am unable to pay prior to closing?

-If you sell your house with any other buyer, they will require you satisfy all encumbrances prior to sale. We do not require you do anything, as we buy the house AS-IS with liens and judgments still attached.

23. How do you calculate offers?

Our metrics for calculating offers are based off many variables. Property condition, comparable sales in the neighborhood, and improvements needed. Typical things to account for when analyzing a house… That’s where 99% investors stop. We take into account future appreciation, existing debt/liens, and best use of property.

24. How much is this going to cost me?

-Zero. You will not be asked for a penny.

25. Can you provide POF?

-Yes. A proof of funds is sent with our Information Packet, explaining our programs and benefits of having us on your team.

26. My house is listed. Why won’t you work with my agent?

Many reasons.

1. The agent did not find a buyer that could perform. It isn’t fair they receive an easy full commission for doing none of the work.

2. Using your agent means we have to bring our “buyers agent” in on the deal, paying two commissions.

3. We don’t need your agents help with paperwork, etc

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