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Real Estate Agents

How You're Taught to Sell Your Home


Step 1: Hire A Real Estate Licensee

  • CMA

  • Contracts 

  • Sign in the yard


Step 2: List Your Home

  • Take pictures

  • Write cute description

  • Wait for call


Step 3: Showings

  • Strangers roam your home

  • Most are unqualified 

  • You can't be in your home or meet them





Step 4: Offer 

  • Above asking

  • Quick close

  • Serious interest


Step 5: Third Party Approvals

  • Credit check

  • Employment verification

  • Home appraisal / inspections 





Step 6: Renegotiation

  • Seller concessions

  • Price reductions 

  • Pay buyer costs to use their attorney 





Step 7: Closing

  • Bank makes money

  • Agent makes money

  • Seller gets what's left

Behind the Scenes

Everywhere you look there is a real estate office. If you or anyone
you know has bought or sold a home, they’ve used the service of a
real estate professional.


With only 14 weeks of schooling to become
a professional in a complex industry, you wonder if real estate
agents are really as competent as we would hope to believe.


Why do 93% of Americans enlist in home buying and selling services
when they can do so themselves without a license. With free online
platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin to market and find a
house… many still turn to the MLS.


70% of real estate agents who get their real estate license this year,
(or any year), will be out of the business within seven months. 87%
of real estate agents fail after five years.


With foreclosure on the rise and more homes sitting on the market
way longer than usual… it makes you wonder. Is it really the market?


I’ll show you exactly what happens when you decide to hire a real
estate professional from start to finish.

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