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My name is Risby Drayton

  Founder - CEO


My Story

Risby Drayton, a Native of Connecticut with nearly ten years of Real Estate investing experience and education. Purchasing his first multi-unit property on his own at twenty-three. Throughout his career, he observed the challenges of being a homeowner, buying a home vs. keeping it. 


Committed to educating his community on homeownership without the bank. Risby decided to open up Asset Allies, a real estate company that focuses on the often blind eye of real estate industry, homeowner sustainability, and maintenance. 


Often the narrative is focused on homeownership growth while ignoring the increase in defaults and foreclosures. In his early years as an investor, this was highly noticeable and during those times was unable to help those individual homeowners. 

Seeing others in financial crisis he began learning and shifting. 

With only the advice of a real estate agent to sell their home and accept foreclosure, Risby challenged the outdated method and over-saturated strategy prompted by 90% of licensees.

Risby began educating others on what he calls "alternative home sale & foreclosure prevention" allowing people to keep their homes or making a profit before going into foreclosure.


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