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Agent Allies

We Love Agents!

When we started this company, we were on a mission to help more than just our homeowner clients,

 we wanted to educate and be a resource for Real Estate Agents too.


We're on a mission to Help Agents solve the problem of the

 Year-Long Listing!


Real estate is not a Zero Sum Game, that's why we dedicated our business model to not only provide advisory services to clients but to help agents out as well. 

One of the biggest challenges a Real Estate agent run into is what we call the "Year Long Listing." Year Long Listing can occur for many reasons, sometimes, the market doesn't move in clients' favor, but many of the reasons are because houses have issues, or the agent has difficulty closing because of external financial issues that emerge during a closing.


The year-long listing is even more distressing when a client is selling due to possible Foreclosure, Defaults, issues in Probate Court, Short Sales & More.

Our experienced advisors are specialists in educating clients and Agents on opportunities for their clients if they are going through unwanted financial obligations.

Let us help you Close the Year Long Listing Together!

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