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We work when traditional methods do not!

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  • ​​Listing With Agent

  • High / No Equity

  • Pre-Foreclosure

  • Needs Repair

  • Deed in Lieu

  • Delinquent Taxes / Liens 

  • Short Sale  

We pay more than every other buyer!

Seller testimonials 

"AA was able to help myself and four neighbors sell five condo units. With all of the units being under one roof we decided to get the best price, we should sell all together. We’ve tried to sell it multiple times over the last 10 years of owning it. At first AA was not able to buy it at our asking, we decided to hold onto the property. Their team kept in touch and 11 months later we came to an agreement on a reasonable price that worked for all of us. Would do business again!"

- J. Wilmot

I bought my house at a tax auction, sight unseen. It needed plumbing, electric, ect... Full renovation. It was my first project and was a bit overwhelmed. Contractors not showing up, not doing the job correctly put me in a hole. The lender I was working with was foreclosing on me. No one would buy it because of the extensive work still needing to be done and redone. They worked with my lender and bought the house. AA saved my credit from the probable foreclosure and put some cash in my pocket!

-G. Mansfield

"you have not considered all options!"

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Who Are We?

We're Real Estate Investors
For Sellers That Do Not Fit
The "Traditional Listing" (MLS)!


What We Do?

Look From Different Perspectives
To Find You A Profit,
Even If We Need To Pause Ours!
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10 Years Experience

We Know The Ins & Outs

  • Bank Lending Practices

  • Real Estate Law

  • Tax Negotiation 

  • Mortgages

  • Home Renovation

  • & More

How does it work?

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Risby Drayton
Creative Home Buyer
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Risby, 29 year old entrepreneur from Southington, Connecticut. Began his self-education in real estate investing at 22 years old. Throughout early years of investing there were multiple times in which sellers weren't able to be helped. After each failure, Risby dedicated his time in educating himself on how to help these individual homeowners.


Risby is changing the narrative on traditional home sales. Having extensive market knowledge. In the Connecticut Real Estate community, he is viewed as a professional in this niche. Homeowners are relying too much on agents. What drives him to start a 4:30am day is getting in front of people making sure they know all of their options before making their big decision.

With over a dozen transactions, many believe things we do are not possible. What keeps him up at night is wanting others to realize they can do the same. Continually learning through seminars, books, and mentorship. Risby serves the community through improving housing for families and putting them into positions of homeownership.

Prior to Real Estate, he worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities in a school and home setting. Risby is also a Champion Muay Thai Fighter and Instructor. On his off time, he enjoys meeting new people and hanging with his 2 dogs. 

Traditional (tra·di·tion·al) 
- a way of doing something that has been used by people for a long time

Creative {cre·a·tive} 
> Come up with new ideas, alternatives, or possibilities