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Sell Your House. Above Asking.
In 60 Days. Zero Commissions. 

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We're transforming Connecticut's real estate scene with a revolutionary vision: 
dramatically cutting the deficiency in housing while conquering the overwhelming number of foreclosures.

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We provide a way for people who are unable to successfully sell their home to still get above asking price by taking on their liabilities to creditors in just 60 days.


Asset Allies is a Real Estate Buyer and Advisory company that specializes in helping and educating home owners to take advantage of lucrative options during times of difficulty.


Most of Asset Allies' customers are property owners who require assistance and knowledge with regards to put their house up for sale during cases of Default, Foreclosure, Judgment, Tax Liens, Probate Matters, or Short Sales.


Through our advice services, we establish strong bonds with our customers and customize optimal solutions to match their individual requirements.


We Value Competence

Our Proven System Guarantees Homeowners The Best Opportunity For A Positive Outcome Regardless Of Their Home Situation.

Our Clients Speak For Us.


Alternative Home Sale

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Foreclosure Prevention

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Schedule A Free Consultation Call

Our Proven System Guarantees Homeowners The Best Opportunity For A Positive Outcome Regardless Of Their Home Situation.

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Homeowner Resource Center

Comprehensive video center to help make the best home-related decisions. 



Common questions and explanations related to selling your home using non-traditional methods.


Real Estate Licensee

Become an expert in your market leveraging our experience and knowledge working with a variety of clients. 

Meet the 
Allies Founder

Risby Drayton is a real estate entrepreneur from Connecticut with 10 years of experience in the field.


With a passion for serving others, he opened Asset Allies, a real estate company that focuses on homeowner sustainability and maintenance.


Witnessing the often blind eye of the real estate industry towards homeowners with "imperfect listings", he decided to challenge these outdated methods of selling a home.  

Introducing, we he calls "alternative home sale", has allowed people to retain their homes preventing foreclosure and make a profit... 

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             203-542-0772 English/Spanish

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