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Alternative Home Sale

Non-traditional method of selling a property, typically not involving a real estate agent or listing the property.

Instead, alternative home sales involve different methods of selling directly to a buyer without following the constraints of a traditional process, offering sellers more control over the sales process and may also result in a quicker sale or a higher sale price.

Instant Debt Relief 

  • No Bank

  • No Third Party Approvals

  • Any Debt

Supplemental Income Program

Our Solution 

Purchase the property as-is. All debt obligations on the property become our responsibility to repay creditors.



Our Solution

Alerting the bank of financial hardships only prepares their loss mitigation team for the upcoming asset being forfeited to the bank. Banks don’t take a loss, and the property is sold for what’s owed, regardless of its appraised value.

Don't let your property issues hold you back, reach out to an advisor today.

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