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Buying and selling your home can be easy. Asset Allies knows keeping your property can get tricky.


Our advisory services are mission-driven to help property owners facilitate their best possible outcome during times of difficulty.


Allow us to figure out how we can assist you.  


Failure to uphold financial obligation. When a borrower misses 4 payments their home is at risk of being taken and delinquency is reported on credit. 


The period in which the borrower has already fallen behind on payments. Early stages of  a property being repossessed by the bank. 
Our Solution

Reinstate the loan into good standing. Catch the borrower up on their payments and mitigate their housing expenses by assisting with taxes and insurance.


A notice attached to a property, which tells the public a creditor has a claim to the asset if debt is not repaid. A property lien indicates that the creditor is seeking to foreclose on the property. 

​The legal process for reviewing the assets of a deceased person and determining inheritors. Will or no will, required by state laws to prove valid the decedent had the right to leave the assets to their beneficiaries.
Our Solution 

Purchase the property as-is. All debt obligations on the property become our responsibility to repay creditors.



 Short Sale 
An offer to the bank to take less than what is currently owed on the mortgage. All proceeds go to the lender, which they can either forgive the remaining balance owed or pursue judgment that requires the former homeowner to pay the lender all or part of the difference.
Our Solution
Alerting the bank of financial hardships only prepares their loss mitigation team for the upcoming asset being forfeited to the bank. Banks don’t take a loss, and the property is sold for what’s owed, regardless of its appraised value.



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